The Crystal Cave

When a sacred place and the energy can be felt by a light warrior, this deep connection reveals answers to questions we have been asking for a long time.

I am in a crystal cave – like a cavern in stone. It’s very large, quite bright, and all the walls are completely covered with crystals. It sparkles endlessly. There’s a big throne that’s elevated and also made of crystal stones. I perceive many colors: mainly white, purple, pink, but also shades of blue.

I am a man. My clothes are completely made of natural materials. I wear a loincloth, something is made of fur, something is made of leather and I have bracelets made of metal, which are not for jewelry, but for protection. I feel like a Viking warrior. A warrior in peace with himself.

There is another male being that I see as a source of knowledge. Someone I go to for advice. He looks like a human, but is incredibly tall (2.50m at least), very strong and powerful and he radiates calmness, wisdom and kindness – A very evolved human being. I am very humble towards him.

This is his place for audiences. The place where he is available when someone seeks advice. I’m very curious and I’m looking for answers to things that I don’t have perfect clarity on yet. The being tells me I am on the right path.

I am sitting on a fur in front of this throne in the crystal cave. The prophet is sitting on the throne and there is no one else but us. I ask him what my purpose is here. He says that I have come here to raise the energies and that the earth needs people like me to lead humanity into a new consciousness. That is why I am here. I thank him and he lets me know that there is much to do and that I am always protected. (Tears)

It’s important to connect with your visions more often. The thing that he reaffirmed to me here is that I should call this image to mind more often and keep reminding myself why I’m doing this, so I don’t get sidetracked. It’s a mental alignment, there should be continuity in it.

This Viking warrior has absolute willpower, discipline, and his focus on what’s important to him and what his mission is. So he doesn’t get distracted and has always implemented a strong value system, against which nothing can stand. A strong, unwavering light warrior with strong will, assertiveness, focus, discipline, generosity and mercy – a clear leader.

I sit down outside on a large rock and look out to the sea. I let his words resonate within me once again and feel the cosmic energy of creation flowing into me from all directions.


May, 2020

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