QHHT is a rather different type of hypnosis. It is divided into two parts: First we explore Past Lives and then we establish the communication with your Subconscious to answer any personal question you’ve ever had.

It is not hard to have an easy and fun session. Everything you need to know prior and for the day of the hypnosis, you will find here, so that your session turns into a unique experience.

Technology allows us to connect to each other from wherever we are in the world. The advantage of having a session online is that you can do it from the space you feel most safe and most comfortable – Your home.

– Sessions available in English, German and Spanish –

i Aloha there !


My name is Kristina, and I am really excited to have you here. My spiritual journey began when I was just a child. I listened to my inner guidance in many different situations I found myself in. This intuition grew stronger and I could hear it clearer every time. And this is what brought me to the place I am right now and where I’m supposed to be: Helping others to hear and follow their inner guidance.

As a spiritual intuitive, healer and Reiki master it is my passion to show everyone who’s ready, that life could be so much more joyful with just a few simple tricks, which will unfold the magic in one’s life.



Kristina has a true gift. Her essence is kind, nurturing and compassionate. I had been looking into a QHHT session for quite some time, but hadn’t found the right moment or practitioner. Meeting Kristina was Divine! She is a natural guide and healer, and I felt very supported throughout our session. I can be a bit challenged when it comes to letting go and getting out of my head, so anyone who can truly break through into my subconscious is very special. Additionally, Kristina’s voice is extremely relaxing. She really took the time to dive deep, get to know what my needs and wishes were for the session. Her guidance was just right. I uncovered some very interesting things about myself, including two past life experiences and some very helpful tools to navigate things in my life in the present. I highly recommend a QHHT session with Kristina! Give yourself this special gift!

Emily, Colorfully Conscious


Wie Kristina mir erklärt hat, sollte direkt nach der Ausbildung zum QHHT Therapeuten einige Sessions gemacht werden, um eine gewisse Routine zu entwickeln. Ich war bei den ersten, die sich "freiwillig" gemeldet haben und muss zugeben, eine gewisse Skepsis ist im Hinterkopf mitgeschwungen. Nichtsdestotrotz habe ich mich offen und freudig meinem "persönlichen" Experiment hingegeben. Wie ich erst später erkannte, war das vorangegangene Gespräch besonders wichtig. Es wurden offene Fragen geklärt und eventuell vorhandene Ängste vor der Session selbst durchleuchtet. Dabei kam heraus, und hat sich auch während der großartigen Session bestätigt, dass sie allesamt unbegründet waren. Nicht zuletzt auch dank Kristinas unglaublichem Feingefühl und Ruhe, welche sie ausstrahlt. Die Session selbst kann man wirklich nur in ein Wort zusammenfassen: WOW! Vollkommen unerwartete Informationen und Lösungen, auf die ich niemals gekommen wäre! Ich freue mich schon auf unsere nächste Session! Vielen lieben Dank ❤

Isabella, Seelenkonnex


Questions? Feel free to contact me anytime.

  • kristina@magic-frequency.com
  • (+34) 615 54 06 76
  • (+34) 615 54 06 76