Aloha and welcome!

We are the creators of our
own magic.magic. We just need to
look deepdeep enoughenough
to discover it.

Aloha and welcome!

We are the creators of our
own magic.magic. We just need to
look deepdeep enoughenough
to discover it.

Aloha and welcome!

We are the creators of our
own magic.magic. We just need to
look deepdeep enoughenough
to find it.

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My name is Kristina, and I am very excited to welcome you here! My spiritual journey began when I was just a child. Growing up in a safe environment, where it was normal to talk about spirits and the flow of energy I learned to listen to my inner guidance in many different situations I found myself in from an early age. This intuition grew stronger and I could hear it clearer every time.

This is what brought me to the place I am right now: Helping others to hear and follow their inner guidance. As a spiritual empath, healer and Reiki master it is my mission to show everyone who’s ready, that our real power lies within and that our consciousness is the key to unfold the magic in the most miraculous ways.

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What does hypnosis feel like? + -

Many people have a misconception of what hypnosis feels like and have therefore too high expectations on how it is “to be under”. A hypnotic state is not a sleeping state, nor do you lose control of your body or the things you say. On the contrary: It can be described as a heightened state of consciousness, where you can talk, laugh, cry and be aware of what is going on around you. Your perception becomes sharper and you notice even the smallest details from your inside world.

The more you relax during the session, allow your feelings to flow freely and surrender to the experience, the more you will be able to remember forgotten experiences and learn from them from a higher perspective. Keep in mind that you are the co-creator of your hypnotic experience and nothing can happen against your will.

How long is a session and how much does it cost? + -

A Quantum Hypnosis session costs 250€ and takes approximately 4-5 hours. In trance, we will spend more or less 2,5 hours. The extra time is needed to get to know each other better, to resolve any kinds of doubts or concerns beforehand and thus, allow the healing to take place from within. After hypnosis, we’d make sure you are fully back and ready for the “outside world” again before we end our session.

A high level of trust and mutual respect is crucial for having a great session. For this reason, we will schedule a free introductory call before even setting up a date for the actual session.

What if I can’t visualize? + -

You don’t have to worry – not everyone is a visual person. This only means that for you, information is flowing through other channels and that we have to find the right “sensory perception”, through which we will receive our answers. For this, we will do some exercises beforehand to find out how the information is coming to you in the most natural way so that afterwards, we are able to open the doors of our subconscious which are ready to be opened.

What is the difference between an in-person session and an online session? + -

When looking at the outcome of a session, there is no difference in the success rate. Once we close our eyes, our focus goes inwards and the outside world ceases to exist for a while. For this reason, it does not matter if we’re sitting right next to each other or whether we’re miles away - if a connection is established, energy is flowing. 

In person sessions are mainly conducted in Valencia, Spain, but can also take place in other cities/countries upon arrangement. Please contact me beforehand if you prefer an in-person session. 

Online sessions can be conducted from everywhere in the world. We just have to make sure to meet certain requirements. You can find the list of requirements here.

Will I remember everything afterwards? + -

The majority of people will remember almost everything that happened during their hypnosis session. Still, it can be compared to having a vivid dream – Once you wake up, you remember the details, but as time passes, the more it fades away. For this reason, your session will be recorded, and you will receive the audio afterwards. It’s recommended to re-listen to the audio and take some notes or even transcribe it. This way, it will be easier for you in the future to remember what you experienced during your Quantum Hypnosis session and re-connect to the feelings you had.

How many sessions do I need? + -

It is not in my intention to “keep you hooked” by having a session each month. My intention is to give you the right tools so that afterwards you can find the solutions yourself and even know how to access and integrate the given information. For this reason, one session is oftentimes enough. 

Nevertheless, as time goes by, new challenges might come along the way for which a new approach would be helpful. If this is the case, we can dive in a little deeper together to unfold deeper layers of our subconscious and unconscious mind. 

Follow-up sessions should be conducted no sooner than 3 months later to give the received information time to settle and integrate.


Elemental Reiki

Clearing your energy field with the help of the 4 elements and the gentle healing power of Reiki. Available only in person.

Quantum Hypnosis

Exploring the vastness of your consciousness through Past Lives and the connection to your Higher Self.

Follow-up Session

Going a little deeper into knowing yourself in this shorter but more focused session, after some time of integration. 

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