Experiencing Higher Dimensions

The current happenings on this planet and how to transcend these energies and experiences.

There is nothing like that where we come from. *laughs* That’s very special here on this planet. *laughs*. It’s a spectacle – this is entertainment. *laughs* One should take this perspective more often, it’s good for the soul. One should make an experiment out of it – not take it so seriously. People here are on the verge of driving this thing against the wall. They’re so close to it. The whole earth is an experiment and this is just the result. It’s important to take this point of view. The higher selves speak – This is instruction from the very top. You may feel affected by it, but at this point you must remember to see it as an experiment. We are not here to decide the outcome. We are here to observe and not be affected by it. How could we? Our role is to learn, and not to be distracted. We have a higher vibration by nature because we come from other dimensions. We have been through it all. People who are here now are making different choices. Who are we to doubt those choices? That’s why we can only take a step back and look at it from above. Who are we to make a judgment about it? Maybe this is also the right decision of the people, but we are not the ones who can make a decision about it. It is not up to us. We take a step back. Do your thing. Live your life. The world is beautiful. Don’t let all of this influence you. That would only create more suffering. That is not what you are here for. Everything is interconnected. Not only on this earth, but the whole cosmos is connected. People think too limitingly.

[Client] comes from a dimension of love and wisdom. You learn other things there. Unconditional love and logical wisdom – both in balance. You cannot serve in love without wisdom. But you are not bound to this dimension either. Even on this earth, you can reach other dimensions. That explains why higher beings are in this dimension. You can also decide to go to higher dimensions here. Why not? Why wait until you are dead? Why bind yourself to the body and not reach higher already here? Why always limiting? Also the male and female energy must be brought into balance. Or one transcends this concept and goes to God directly. Every journey leads to God. There are many different intelligent complexes in the universe. On earth, we have different concepts of the universe. But there is one profound truth; everything arises from God. That is the common denominator of all truths.

There are gurus who have walked this earth who are closest to this in their teachings: 1) Jesus Christ, 2) Nisargadatta Maharaj, 3) Ramana Maharashi. They were aware of their divinity. That they are not the body, but everything beyond. They were good at meditating in silence. But each person has his own path. Gurus can show the way, but it is not THE way. All these gurus had a different approach. The same theory, but the practice differs.

The entities or people living on Earth influence the planet and in the same way the planet influences the people. The earth is ready to enter the next dimension or vibration, but most people are not and this is causing great confusion. People have forgotten that they have this influence on the Earth and to some extent they are holding on to the old and don’t want to move on. That is why we are in this situation we are in right now. People are going to die but they always have. It’s not a spectacular event, it happens every day. The energy is being purified. Humans are that which has evolved on this planet. Man is an evolved form of evolutionary existence. Man is simply becoming more aware of the energetic connection between the planet and himself, and this transition is what is taking place now – this evolutionary development. That humans are becoming more aware of oneness.

What is happening here on the planet is not necessarily bad. Often what is “bad” in quotation marks has something good in it. That’s why we have to make room for time to pass and evolve and not make judgments about it. Who are we to judge what is good, what is bad? Nothing is good or bad, it is just the way it is. Evolution. Experiencing. Learning. Collecting data and bringing it back to Source. It is a gift. This life too, no matter what. Everything must be lived. Even though you may title it as negative. Take away the title and live it. Take everything as it comes. The more you learn, the more you can influence your own path and that is the beauty of freedom of choice, but also the complex. Even if you would say that people don’t make the right choices, they are still free to do so and to learn. We must not judge, they have chosen this path. They also learn and bring that experience back to God. We must not get into these grids of good and bad and limit ourselves. Let them learn this lesson. Everything is perfect – there is perfection in that freedom of choice. That is divinity. Everything has its good and can be used to look at the present reality from different angles.

Just because we are human beings, we should not limit ourselves and restrict ourselves only to these lessons. Time, as you say, is not linear. Why wait until you finish this incarnation to have other experiences? Time does not exist. You can have any experience you want at any time. If you particularly like an experience, you can stay there to have other experiences. But the ultimate goal is to have the divine experience: back to God and beyond. When you experience that you are God, what do you do with that information? Even God is striving to have more experiences. That is the depth of this universe.

There are means on this earth with which you can have this experience, which are created by God. Why should we limit ourselves to this experience? What a limiting thought. We cannot always think so small of ourselves. We come from God, we are God, and we go to God. The divine experience can be very helpful in not taking the whole thing so seriously here on earth. It’s all a game. An experiment. And it is over faster than you can perceive here on earth – even if time runs very slowly here. But there is no need to suffer and accumulate even more heavy emotions. On the contrary, we want to free ourselves from heavy emotions here in order to vibrate on higher energetic levels as good as we can. This is simply the nature of this planet, which is currently in this energetic transition. We can’t do anything else but become aware of it and laugh about it a lot.

Every human being has his or her higher self. But we must not think of the higher self as something separate from us. The higher self is WITHIN us. And it is also already attainable on this planet. There is not much difference. [Client] is aware of this higher aspect of his self, otherwise he could not have jumped into the higher dimensions. It is always a question of consciousness. How aware are you of this fact? How much can you live your higher self in this life? How much can you embody it on this planet? It’s not like you leave the earth, die, and then you are connected to it again. That’s nonsense. You are connected to your higher self now at all times. You should transcend this separative thought and embody your higher self completely. That is also part of the development of consciousness on this earth. This is absolutely achievable. While you are here, there are multiple realities, if you like. We assume two; you are the higher consciousness in your body, but at the same time you are your body. And that is the reality of this planet. In spite of all the transcendental and energetic efforts, you must not forget that we have consciously chosen this body or reality, or understand and have to work with the physical aspect of this earth. We have to keep the body pure and work with it as it was intended by God.

Everything you are experiencing now, you have created for yourself. You have to realize that you are God. Why do you see yourself lower than what you are? You are 100% responsible for your present state at all times, even if you would like to transfer that to someone else. This is the trick of the ego, of memory. This is an evolutionary complex to make things as easy as possible for you: to blame others for something, because otherwise you would have to take responsibility for it yourself. Own your shit – From there where you are right now.

Consciousness Expanding Plants:

Source has placed a remedy for all diseases on this earth. It is not needed for humans to suffer. You have to imagine that consciousness-expanding plants are growing on this planet for us to be able to reach these higher dimensions. That is a miracle that there are chemical compounds that occur in nature that also react in a certain way in our bodies so that we can make these leaps into other dimensions. You just have to use them. Plants have gone through evolution like humans have for centuries, so the receptors in humans and plants are much more similar, so the effect is much more powerful and natural. The plants react with your body and your body with your consciousness – and thus can open portals to different dimensions. You can get information from all dimensions through these plants, it’s just a question of how useful this information is to you on this planet and in this situation. Plants also have their own consciousness. They are also entities and help you to get the right information that is important for you. Just as we communicate with each other now, the plants open portals through which you can get information like a download.

If you understand consciousness-expanding plants, then you can logically understand nutrition. There are certain products, foods, fruits and vegetables that the human organism can tolerate and these do not include processed products. It is simple and logical. If man interferes with the chemical structure of the product, then the information that is introduced into the body also changes – It becomes less. Man would be on a higher energetic level if he would think about how to give energy to the body in the best possible way and not about how to change products so that they take energy from the body. This is the reason why the human organism does not function as it should and can.
If you are mentally, psychologically and spiritually stressed, people can come into your life and if you are not careful how you handle their drama, these people can have an effect on your life. It’s the same on a physical level: if your system is stressed, your immune system can’t function properly. It’s all interrelated. It has two branches. One is in stressful situations and the other is when you relax. When you get into stressful situations, your body releases a whole different set of hormones that affect your body negatively. So, of course, stress has a tremendous impact on all kinds of systems. So you become more susceptible to disease. The goal is balance. We also need stress but good stress.
Shadow Work is like a labyrinth. You can’t have too much going on in your head. Especially because what people on this planet call Shadow Work happens too often in the head. This includes working through childhood, etc., but objectively, everything has the ego’s goal of being in the head and not in the heart. Accordingly, one must not dwell too long on Shadow Work. It can be helpful but the fastest way to the heart is to be in the heart and not in the head. Therefore, we can only advise to reduce Shadow Work to a minimum. Go straight to the heart. Engage in things that you enjoy. Ask your heart, what do you want to do, what do you enjoy, what fulfills you? Life is so short on this earth. Why be preoccupied with things that happen in your head.
Focus on not being taken over by the low energy. The important thing is to transcend the low energies. It is not about what state the planet is in, but what state you are in. Your spiritual evolution is important. That is why we want to emphasize again that it is important to explore higher dimensions right now. It is your task, your soul path. Don’t dwell too much on what is going on on the planet. We are just passing through and collecting some data. Surround yourself with energies that are of higher nature. Something that speaks to you, it’s a process. It depends on how you make use of this energy: constructively, it is great wisdom.


July, 2021

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