Me from the future

An event that will change the universe and our Earth forever, viewed from the perspective of a more advanced civilization.

It looks like a science fiction movie. I see flying cars, spaceships and extremely high buildings. I don’t think this is the earth. There is a gigantic field of cosmos, a bit like a hologram. It is a place where everything comes to full development. In all abilities, in all variations. There is no suppression, restraint or feeling of not being good enough – that no longer exists in this galaxy.

I’m wearing a white robe. We have something like implants – like a tube or a connection – in the back of our heads. But that’s not a negative thing. We are all telepathic and we can teleport by thought power. We live in a society with completely awakened people. There are no wars, poverty, disasters and people do what is their destiny.

It is not the adults who lead the children, but the children who lead the adults. The children are completely cosmically awakened beings. This is not hierarchical or directed at power – everything is in harmony. The adults have learned that the children remember everything in the first 10 years and we respect and appreciate that accordingly and therefore we are happy to be led by them.

There is a child, blond hair, blue eyes, skin glowing. She is surrounded by a golden aura. Her name is Xara and she is an ancient star being who has always been there. She is here to help us remember cosmic oneness. There is no separation, we are all one.

There was a great solar flare – a gamma wave that changed the entire universe. And after that, all the negative and dark energies just collapsed in on themselves. As if they never existed. The flare happened and instantly everything that didn’t resonate with it was wiped away. And after that, as if in the blink of an eye, everything changed.

It was time. We are experiencing it now. And at some point all the people will realize that God exists. When the divine intelligence realizes that the masses are ready, then it will happen. Mankind has to be ready for it and it is being prepared for it now piece by piece. What is coming in the next months and years will awaken people more and more.

There is no stopping it now. What we see here is an echo of the old time, the old programming, laws and energies. But it is no longer there. It is no longer real, but only the rest of what is remaining. We are already in the new time, most people just haven’t noticed it yet. And at some point the change will come.

We can speak only for planet Earth, but also what we experience in the other galaxies is that these have been influenced by corresponding non-light energies. However, the actual and original principle is unity. There is only light. Shadow is only the separation of light, which tries to return to the light, but it cannot, because it has changed its form.

Something that would help people to speed up this process is to become silent. No mass media, radios or movies, but just go within and experience yourself.  Because when you become still, you stop becoming and you just are. Without any judgment.

Quantum energies help people to transition more easily. Quantum technology is an instrument of the divine entity to remind us humans who we really are.

I feel a deep connection with the Source and can’t stop crying. I feel unconditional love and a deep knowing which enables me to suddenly see and explain everything very clearly.


April, 2020

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