4 elements

Elemental Reiki

This energetic healing modality combines the wisdom of the 4 elements and the universal life energy of Reiki. First, we’ll sit down together to consciously set an intention for our session using the help of the four elements. Each session focuses on one element even though it combines them all. Here, we already tap into the energy of the highest vibrating version of yourself and consciously set course for the energy to flow. After holding this space for a while, we’ll go into our Reiki session. Here, we’re setting free all the energy that is not yours or does not serve you anymore and allow the universal life energy of Reiki to move where it is needed along the seven main energy centers called Chakras. Before we end the session we’ll do an integrational exercise to strengthen the received energy mentally and physically.

meaning of

4 elements

The 4 elements, have been used in Shamanic traditions for centuries and hold knowledge which can be useful in our everyday’s life.


The bright sun of the soul. Taking action, creating, transforming. Inner strength, personal power, passion.


Constant movement and change. Cleansing, healing, purifying. Emotion, intuition, reflection.


Strong roots and solid foundation. Grounding, integrating, connecting to planet Earth. Nourishment, security.


The flow of universal energy. Breathing, liberating, flowing. Spirituality, perception, wisdom.

What is Reiki?Reiki?

Reiki comes from the Japanese and means Rei (Universal) and Ki (lifeforce, life energy). The practitioner places his or her hands over certain areas of the body and delivers energy, supporting healing and improving the flow and balance.

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What people say?

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Calm & Peacefull


I am very happy that my first reiki experience was with you because from the beginning I could feel the confidence, the good energy and disposition that you have in addition to the fact that the reason to help is very noble and that is something that I appreciated very much. Everything was very well organized and I really liked the clarity with which you explained what we were going to do during the session and the guidance at all times. That calm and peace that you emanate is something that helped me to leave the fear and skepticism if I still had some of that so I was very happy and satisfied with the whole experience.

Natural and blessed healer


I had an amazing energy cleansing session with Kristina. She took a lot of time to first get to know me and I felt that she was genuinely interested in who I am / whom she is working with. Just talking to her had some healing power in itself as she is a very authentic, warm-hearted, friendly and down-to-earth-being. When we started the session I immediately sensed that she knows exactly what she is doing as I strongly felt her energy and how it connected to mine. Only 2 or 3 minutes in and I was already in a deep meditative state which normally takes much longer for me. I felt fully present in our session and my heart center opening widely. Kristina was able to very accurately sense where my energy was flowing freely and where blockages were present. When we finished, I felt completely reset in the best possible way and full of positive energy that lasts until today (a week later). After the session, we continued talking and I also very much appreciate Kristina´s intellect as we were able to talk about the experience from multiple perspectives, incl. scientific, philosophical, and mystical ones. There are many self-proclaimed “energy healers” out there who often abuse people´s trust and needs and to be honest, I was afraid of making such an experience (again). But Kristina is different, I consider her a natural and blessed healer and am sure that she will bring much, much healing to the world. Go ahead and try it yourself!

Heart centered


I would describe my recent session with Kristina to be a deeply healing and transformative experience. I arrived feeling very tired and anxious and left feeling super calm and peaceful. Kristina has a very warm and gentle energy which made me immediately feel at ease. I felt able to open up and be honest about how I was feeling which helped us focus in and set an intention for the session. She then invited me to lie down and make myself comfortable on a couch to receive the healing energy. Throughout the treatment I was aware of Kristina’s presence and hands near to me but was so relaxed I forgot where I was at times! I also felt a variety of sensations: like heat, tingling and energy shifting throughout my body. Memories and dream-like images were also coming into my consciousness which triggered different emotions within me. When the treatment was over, I felt a little ‘spaced out’ but calm and grounded. Any anxiety I had been experiencing prior to arrival had pretty much gone and the results lasted for several days afterwards. I highly recommend Kristina to anyone who is interested in experiencing spiritual healing with a from a therapist with a deeply heart-centered approach.

chronic pain healing


Thank you again for yesterday, Kristina! It was lovely to meet you and I wanted to let you know that this morning is the first morning I have woken up without chronic pain in MONTHS! Amazing!

Colours of Chakras


Today, I had a beautiful Reiki/ Energy Session with Kristina and it was just pure magic. Sice I entered her space, I noticed her energy, I had a tingling feeling over my body. Then during the session I could feel her clearing my aura so strongly, holding the space and unblocking any existing blocks. When we shared what each of us felt, we had the same feelings and even saw the same colours shining out of my chakras. If you want to feel some magic on earth book a personal session with her. Thank you!!

Relaxation & Flow


I was looking for something to calm me down after the loss of a family member and decided to visit Kristina to do the Reiki session with her. I expected nothing more than to try to relax and go with the flow. After the session I felt very calm, so I'm sure the Reiki she did helped me not only to relax, but also to clear all the accumulated stress I had. Thank you Kristina.

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