Quantum Hypnosis

Being open-minded and curious about hypnosis

is the first and most important step

for having a truly magical experience.

Allow yourself to go beyond of what you consider possible

and discover that all the answers lie within.


uantum Hypnosis is a rather different type of hypnosis, taking you to the deepest level of trance, called the Somnambulistic level. It is a very natural state, which we experience twice a day: before we fall asleep and right before we wake up. Through a series of visualizations, we enter into this state of trance, which allows us to explore Past Lives, the present life or even different dimensions or planets. Everything that is seen and felt in this first part is directly related to the life that you’re living right now and therefore truly important.

Once we enter the quantum field, everything is possible because the barriers of time and space dissolve and we are therefore able to access any knowledge that is ready to be revealed– The key is to keep an open mind and the consciousness will take us there! In the second part of the hypnosis, we connect directly to your Higher Self which is known as the infinitely knowledgeable and powerful aspect of each individual. It will guide us through the depths of your subconscious for having a fuller understanding of your life’s situation and everything that is happening around you. Remember that imagination is the language of our Higher Self, in whichever form it may come through. “Quantum” means “multidimensional”, and from there, healing can occur on all levels – the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. YOU are a multidimensional being, and that’s why every session is unique and different. – Just like you!

My intention is to assist you on this journey to find the answers that you seek by asking the right questions. All the information is coming to YOU through YOU. I am simply the facilitator of this process, working for your highest good while holding the space for you. The healing modalities used in this session are QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis TechniqueSM) by Dolores Cannon and BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing), engaging a unique and creative way of exploring the consciousness.

Price: 250 €

A session is for you if you want to…

  • free your mind from old programs and limiting beliefs
  • find direction, understanding and clarity
  • connect with your Soul, Higher Self and your Spirit Guides 
  • remember your Past Lives and your mission here on earth
  • release blockages, stress, anxiety
  • heal trauma or physical symptoms
  • open your heart and your intuition
  • find spiritual awakening and knowledge about your authentic nature

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What people say?

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Feeling guided


Kristina has a true gift. Her essence is kind, nurturing and compassionate. I had been looking into a QHHT session for quite some time, but hadn’t found the right moment or practitioner. Meeting Kristina was Divine! She is a natural guide and healer, and I felt very supported throughout our session. I can be a bit challenged when it comes to letting go and getting out of my head, so anyone who can truly break through into my subconscious is very special. Additionally, Kristina’s voice is extremely relaxing. She really took the time to dive deep, get to know what my needs and wishes were for the session. Her guidance was just right. I uncovered some very interesting things about myself, including two past life experiences and some very helpful tools to navigate things in my life in the present. I highly recommend a QHHT session with Kristina! Give yourself this special gift!



Sometimes there are things you just know. So I knew that one day I would have a session with Kristina the moment I saw her and heard what she was offering. That's how it happened 18 months later. 5 hours that changed my being forever. I was allowed to see a past incarnation, a future life, I was able to communicate with my deceased mother, etc...in short: MINDBLOWING! Instant healing, clearing and empowerment in several areas. In the months after, the transformation continued even further as these sessions linger. It is like a scalpel of consciousness that operates on you piece by piece and reminds you of your original state. QHHT is a very powerful tool that can help you see things more clearly, recognize, accept and thereby let go. It is something completely different, because you get the messages directly from e.g. your higher self. However, words cannot describe it, it can only be experienced. For me personally a gamechanger. More sessions will follow. Everyone who wants to have deeper insights is in good hands here. Kristina is a guide with a very special gift. Use it. It is a gift that is guaranteed to enrich your life.

The first volunteer


As Kristina explained to me, immediately after the training as a QHHT therapist, one should do some sessions to develop a certain routine. I was among the first to "volunteer" and must admit, a certain skepticism was in the back of my mind. Nevertheless, I openly and joyfully surrendered to my "personal" experiment. As I only realized later, the prior conversation was particularly important. Questions were clarified beforehand and possibly existing fears of the session itself were examined. What came out - and was also confirmed during the great session - was that they were all unfounded. Not least thanks to Kristina's incredible sensitivity and calmness, which she radiates. The session itself can really only be summed up in one word: WOW! Completely unexpected information and solutions that I would never have thought of! I am already looking forward to our next session! Thank you very much

Deep thanks


The session was just amazing, thank you how you guided me through it. I am still digesting and can already feel a new energy and lightness. I am sure that I will be able to make the right decisions in the coming months and enjoy life better and more intensely. I send you a lot of joy for the coming Christmas season and my deep thanks.

Surrender yourself

Thomas G.

Kristina is an excellent hypnotherapist though her knowledge and understanding reaches much further. She will guide you smoothly through past lives and beyond reaching deep inside to get all the healing and answers that you are looking for. You will also get the answers that you didn’t ask if they are needed for complete understanding and healing that you came for. Her voice is perfect to guide you into a relaxed meditative state opening you to slide easily into a hypno session. Choose Kristina as your hypnotherapist and surrender yourself into this magical journey just as I did.

Deep connection


It was very powerful and I would count it among the most efficient tools for self-knowledge next to palm leaf reading, astrosophy coaching and Vipassana. However, with a completely astral quality of its own. Wherever I can I will recommend you - also on my seminars. In deep connection and companionship and see you soon.

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