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How to prepare

  • Discovery Call: Before we even schedule a date for our session, we’ll first have a phone call to get to know each other and to see what you would like to focus and work on during your hypnosis session. 

  • Write a list of questions (approx. 5 - 10) regarding everything you would like to know and send it to me beforehand via email. It could be questions about your health, relationships, emotions or career. It could be patterns you find yourself in or anything that is stopping you from moving forward. It could also be curiosity questions about something you always wanted to know.

  • Meditate on the day before to clear your mind. You can just close your eyes for a while, concentrate on your breath, and if you wish, you can add your own Mantra which you keep repeating in your mind, like for example: “I am connected to my soul and I open up to my growth.”

  • And most importantly: Free yourself from any expectations on the outcome. The more you are able to surrender to this experience, the more you are in flow with universal energy and thus, in a light and curious state of mind. The results will speak for themselves!
  • Have a light breakfast but if possible, without coffee or caffeinated drinks.

  • It is best not to make any plans for the whole day because a session could last up to 5 hours.

  • Your session is all about you. I will always make sure that you feel completely safe and relaxed during the entire time.

  • Please make sure that you come alone to the session. Everything we talk about is confidential and for this reason, it is a private session and no one else is allowed to be there. 

  • Finally, and most importantly: Come with an open mind and heart. Allow the ego to have a seat outside and wait for you – we will have to leave it behind for a little while.
  • Drink lots of water and eat something to ground yourself and to come back to this present moment.

  • Give yourself time to fully integrate the said information on all levels. Observe carefully what is happening around you in the following days and see if you can find synchronicities or further messages through dreams, meditation or sudden inspiration.

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Embrace the change in your life and allow the growth to take place.

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