After allowing the given information from the first session to settle down, you might feel ready to explore even deeper levels of your consciousness. A follow-up session is slightly different than the first one. Instead of again fully diving into your life’s story, we will focus more on the integrational part that has been going on in your life since our first session. We’ll talk about everything that happened during the time since we last worked together to see how the progress has been shown in your life. We’ll examine which new challenges have arisen and set a clear and focused intention before we dive into your next Quantum Experience.

Price: 160 €


Follow up sessions are approx. 3 hours long.


You will receive the audio recording afterwards.


Before you book a follow-up session, please make sure that you relistened to the recording of your first hypnotic journey and/or worked with the answers and information you received. Quantum Hypnosis aims for self-empowerment and not dependency, providing you with tools which can be used in everyday’s life.

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