Magic – Frequency

Being open-minded and curious about hypnosis

is the first and most important step

for having a truly magical and different experience.

Allow yourself to see what’s beneath the surface

and discover that all the answers lie within.


Quantum Healing Hypnosis TechniqueSM is a unique hypnosis method developed by Dolores Cannon, taking you to the deepest level of trance, called the Somnambulistic level. It is a very natural state, which we experience twice a day: before we fall asleep and right before we wake up.

We reach this level through visualization, which allows us to explore Past Lives, the Present Life or even a Future or Parallel Life. Everything we see and explore during this part of the session is related to the life you’re living right now in the present moment and is therefore truly important.

The Subconscious or the Higher Self, which is known as the infinitely knowledgeable and powerful aspect of each individual, is present during the whole session. It makes sure that you are safe at any moment during the hypnosis and will always give you just the right amount of information, which is appropriate for you to know. It will guide us and help us find the answers to the questions you have asked yourself prior to the session.

The given information is the key to let go of emotional triggers and trauma, to see certain things in your life with more clarity and awareness and to heal physical symptoms if it is the appropriate time to do so.


Beyond Quantum Healing is an advanced healing modality of QHHT, including in-person and online sessions. It also empowers energy healers and practitioners to use their own skills to work in the highest service to their clients. This allows me to use and combine my intuition and inner guidance to help you navigate through your own healing journey. 

“Quantum” means “multidimensional”, and from there, healing can occur on all levels – the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. YOU are a multidimensional being who came here to this planet to learn from this physical experience.  BQH engages an open, creative and flexible way of exploring the consciousness and that’s why every session is unique and different. – Just like you!

Benefits of Quantum-Hypnosis:


A Quantum-Hypnosis Session (QHHT, BQH) costs 250€.

Nevertheless is money a form of energy exchange. So if you should find yourself in a situation where you cannot afford a session but would like to do one, please contact me and we’ll find a solution.

Trust, allow and go with the flow !