Magic – Frequency

Before the session:

You should write a list of questions (about 10-20) regarding everything you would like to know. It could be questions about your health, relationships, emotions or career. It could be patterns you find yourself in or anything that is stopping you from moving forward. It could also be curiosity questions about something you always wanted to know!

Set the intention for a great session but free yourself from any expectations on the outcome, so that we can work without any pressure. The key during the session is to let go of anything, which is not serving you and work in a light, gentle and joyful state of mind. The results will speak for themselves.

Also, try to meditate the night before and/or the day of the appointment to clear your mind and to connect to your Inner Self. It is easy – just take yourself 15 minutes, put on some relaxing music and breathe deeply while you listen and follow the sounds of the music. ​

The day of the session:

Have a light breakfast but if possible, without coffee or caffeinated drinks. As the session could last up to 5 hours, it is best not to make any plans for the whole day because we never know, how long it could take at the end. For this, I also recommend you to wear comfortable clothes.

Your session is all about you. I will always make sure that you feel completely safe and relaxed during the whole time. Everything we talk about is strictly confidential. That’s why it is a private session and no one else is allowed to be there.

We’ll start with getting to know each other, and we’ll talk about how easy it is to access this beautiful deep state of relaxation. We’ll go through your questions and I will explain to you what the Higher Self is. After this I’ll gently guide you into the hypnosis, and we will have a look at one or two Past Lives. If you do not believe in Past Lives, that’s no problem, it will work either way, because it does not matter if you believe in it, but why your Higher Self is showing you this exact story.

After this part we will access the Higher Self to answer your questions and to give you more clarity to everything you have asked yourself and that is happening around you. Every single session is full of emotional and physical healing so that you will see and feel the difference after the session. Nothing is impossible as long as you allow the magic to happen.

My intention is to assist you on this journey to find the information you seek. I will do everything in my power to work for your greater good and provide you with tools you need for a great session and a great outcome. The information is coming to YOU through YOU, that’s why you are always in control. I am simply the facilitator of this process.

Your session will be recorded, and you will receive the audio afterwards. Even though many people remember what happened during their trance state, it always helps to re-listen to it several times as there is always new information to find every time you listen to it.

Finally and most importantly – bring an open mind and heart. Allow the ego to have a seat outside and wait for you – we will have to leave it behind for a little while.

Ready? Take a deep breath and allow yourself this amazing experience!